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There’s sunshine in an annus horribilis

On January 1st this year, I climbed a mountain in the dark with my running group so we could watch the sunrise and see the year in on a positive note. The sun didn’t shine that morning—symbolic, perhaps of the year that lay ahead.

I’ve shared some of the challenges we’ve faced this year—which was a bit of an ‘annus horribilis’ for us, our family and friends. Even this week, we received another blow with news that someone in our extended family, who is extremely close to my daughters, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Breaking that news to my girls, on top of all the other news that has been broken to them this year, was really hard. I had to sit on the floor for it. Having one of them say, ‘I’m good at supporting people with cancer now’ was both magical and wrong at the same time.

We talked about how difficult things have been, but somewhere in our conversation the mood shifted. Because 2014 has been a great year for us, too. So much has gone RIGHT in the middle of all the wrong this year that I hope you don’t mind if I indulge in a little celebration of those things—with the intent that it might inspire you to write your own list, too.

Good thing #1 – Wrote a book. Self-published it. It’s currently under consideration by two top publishers.

Good thing #2 – A blissful week in Fiji with my kids, my sister and her family. Haven’t been so relaxed in









Good thing #3 – Hearing the acronym ‘ILL’ (I love life) multiple times from my fourteen-year-old, who moved schools by choice this year and landed on her feet.

Good thing #4 – Another year of making beautiful memories with my mum and my children, which only my children will remember.

Good thing #5 – The difficult conversations I had that helped improve important relationships and shift things for people I love.

Good thing #6 – The opportunity, alongside my wonderful friend and colleague Audrey Thomas, to interview 24 inspiring women about the ’15 minutes that changed their lives’, and share these interviews with thousands of people.

Good thing #7 – Seeing everything fall into place for the Proudman family, and feeling content to let them go… Yes, this was a TV show. Yes, that episode was a highlight in my year.

Good thing #8 – Completing the City 2 Surf for the first time, with the support of a running group that is way more than a running group—my close friends in ‘Team Bliss’.

Good thing #9 – The sunshiny hour we spent delivering a bandana from Harry Styles to someone who needed a distraction and couldn’t have loved it more.

Good thing #10 – Love is all around. All the time. No matter what happens, we’re all still smiling.

January 1st, 2015 is fast approaching. Will we dare climb that mountain again in the dark, and hope for the sun? We absolutely will, because I wouldn’t hand back the highlights above for anything. We’re stronger, wiser, more compassionate, more understanding and filled with more gratitude than ever about this one, precious life.

Thank you again for reading, emailing in, working with me and generally making it worth my while to sit down every Sunday afternoon for a couple of hours and write for you.

Wishing you and your families rest, togetherness, fun and all the very BEST for a fresh start in 2015. xxx