I just want to clone you, put you in a jar and pop you out whenever I need you.  You are simply amazing, Emma.  Your words are like gold. Karen Cocks, Senior Manager, BT Financial Group

I just wanted to convey my gratitude for the many ways you have helped me in the past couple of months.  I have learnt so much from you in terms of my ‘work life bliss’.  After each session I feel excited about my new prospects, strategies and the general direction in which I am heading (with both my business and my life).  I deeply appreciate your guidance and look forward to our next sessions. Kristy Goodwin, Director, Every Chance to Learn

I am pumped! I can’t even begin to express my sincere gratitude.  You have unleashed my potential and now I know it’s here to stay.  Thank you so much.  I LOVE our sessions. Shikha Colwill, Bloom Web Design

I was tired of everything in my life being so rushed and stressful – I work, have significant family responsibilities and a number of commitments outside work and family.  I felt there was very little, if any, time in my schedule for me, and was feeling resentful about it. I found my WorkLifeBliss sessions very powerful.  My schedule now has direction and limits. Three months in, I have made some significant changes to my life, and feel happier for them.  And people around me, at home and at work, have noticed the positive change. Jenny Callen, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Thanks again for a great session. I feel like I have a spring in my step today and I know that is because I have some clarity over what I am doing and some ideas about how I can make some changes. A fresh start is always exciting!

That afternoon chatting with you has boosted my spirits. I can now see my future with this business and the support from my family. I now KNOW that I have the power to make it work. I’m so looking forward to the next few months and our many more progress chats together.

Thanks for a very interesting session yesterday. You made some connections and gave me some ideas that I would not have managed myself, so I now have some interesting and thought-provoking times ahead of me.

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