‘Reading this made me see that, although I have some balance in my life, I still have a long way to go. You are like an angel to people like me!’ Leanne Hopf, Canberra

‘Every Monday I am inspired by your words of wisdom.  If I could be as inspiring to others as you have been to me, I’d be grinning from ear to ear.  Well done!’ Shikha Colwill, Canberra

‘I really enjoy your Monday Bliss Blitz.  It’s amazing how focussed I become and how much work I get done. Thank you.’ Louise Cairns, Opal Park

‘Here I am – at the beginning of my first 3 day week… looking forward to a work life that is manageable, and I’m hoping that it will therefore be more enjoyable… and two blissful days a week to focus on ME – followed by two lovely days of relaxed family life!   When I look back on this challenging time, your emails have been a constant reminder of the value of what I was striving for, as well as a practical ‘hot tips for success’ handbook.  Wanted to thank you for your wisdom, your generosity, and your words’. Nina Campbell, Canberra

‘An avalanche of goodness has come from our last session! Things are making sense and I’m having multiple light bulb moments every day. Thank you so much. You have simply changed my world. The connections we made between my behaviour, thought processes and responses have been awesome.’ Karen Cocks, Adelaide

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