You know what I love about this program? Real, down to earth, realistic coaches! It makes all the difference! Often these things become very “off the shelf”… This is so not that!!! Thanks again!!

All you need is internet access to participate in our popular online programs. Packed with videos, webinars, workbooks and online communities, these are amongst our most popular offerings:

Keen to work on time-management, stress-management, confidence, decision-making and more? You’ll love the 6-module, self-paced Home Study Program.

Sitting at a career cross roads and unsure how to proceed? Check out the Career Transformation Program.

Frazzled, time-poor and wanting to overhaul your health, relationships, career, finances, personal growth and home – and inject fun into your life again – all in baby steps around your busy life? Visit the My 15 Minutes program, run in partnership with Audrey Thomas.

Are you a solo, micro or small business owner, scrambling to stay on top of things and develop a strategic path ahead? Take a look at My 15 Minutes Small Business.