Can you ‘have it all’?  Are you tired and overwhelmed? Are you just scraping through each day?  Must you take the ‘Mummy’/’Daddy’ track at work after having children?

Learn how to manage your career post-kids, conduct a career ‘health check’, increase your productivity, find a mentor, ask for flexibility and tap into your new-found resilience.

This self-paced online program is presented by Emma Grey of WorkLifeBliss and Kate Sykes of Career Mums and Lift Recruitment.

The course is ideal if you have recently returned to work after having a baby, will be returning in the future or if you are currently pregnant.

The course contains:

2x pre-recorded webinars on personal resilience as working parent and the practicalities of workplace flexibility, covering the following topics:

Webinar 1

  • Your goals for the future
  • Personal wellbeing self-assessment
  • ‘Me’ time
  • Creating your village/asking for help
  • The 7 Types of Busy
  • The self-belief cycle
  • The building blocks that make it all work

 Webinar 2

  • Preparing for your return to work
  • Your resume – dealing with the parenting gap
  • Changing your mindset about work
  • Re-defining your career
  • Asking for a Flexible Work Arrangement
  • Tips for work-and-family balance
  • Progressing your career as a working parent
  • A note about recruiters

 Self-coaching questions including:

  • The reasons why you’re lying awake at night over work-and-family
  • How it will ideally be for you as a working parent, and how to create that situation
  • Dust off and make-over your professional identity, identify new professional opportunities and link the skills you’ve learnt as a mum to your career skill set

 A suite of highly-practical bonus templates:

  • Sample Flexible Work Proposal
  • Above-the-line thinking
  • The 7 Types of Busy
  • Master list of ‘do-able’ balance techniques
  • Creating family values
  • Mind your language (change your self-talk)
  • Night before work (checklist)
  • Pay yourself first (me time)
  • Top 10 tips for life balance
  • Transition back to work – personal points
  • Transition back to work – professional points

 About the presenters:

Emma Grey is founder and director of the life-balance consultancy, WorkLifeBliss.  Her first book, ‘Wits’ End Before Breakfast! Confessions of a Working Mum’ was published in 2005 by Lothian Books.  She is a speaker, coach and facilitator on work-life balance, time-management and personal development and is experienced in delivering a range of successful online courses.

Kate Sykes is a recruitment specialist with over 6 years experience working with small, medium and large businesses.  After founding Australia’s first dedicated careers centre and jobs board for working parents and parents returning to work, Kate was awarded the 2010/11 Telstra ACT Business Woman of the Year.  Her book, ‘Career Mums’ was published by Penguin Australia in 2012.

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