You’re good at your job and you’re earning a good income from it. You pretend that this is where you want to be. You pretend it’s ‘enough’.

It isn’t.

Work is a grind. The further you get through Sunday afternoon, the more you’re blanketed in an impending sense of ‘meh’.  The closer you get to Monday, the heavier you feel about the idea of another week of going though the motions of doing what you do ‘well’, but somewhat emptily.

Your job is the career equivalent of a marriage that works well ‘on paper’, but leaves you uninspired, tired and, not that you’ve necessarily admitted it to anyone yet – a bit depressed.

You worked hard to get here. You climbed this mountain.  You earned this view.

So why are you left wondering whether you took a wrong turn, somewhere?  Why are you wondering whether the mountain over there is the one you’d rather be standing on right now, and thinking ‘it’s so far to go…’

There’s a chasm between here and there, and you’re not sure that you’re willing to sink into it.  Surely the sacrifices are too great?

Or could it be that the sacrifices of staying here are too great?  You’re confused, you’re stuck and all you know is that something has to change.

But how?

Download the 6-page brochure now, and explore how the Career Transformation Program can help.

How will the course unfold?

The course is delivered entirely online and contains 8 modules, each of which include:

  • A brief introductory video
  • A recorded webinar, slides and written transcription
  • A series of self-coaching exercises
  • A private Facebook forum for discussion and networking
  • A live (and recorded) Q&A group call to answer specific individual questions
  • Email hotline for personal queries available for the duration of the program

Module 1 – Your career path to date

Explore how you ‘got here’. You’ll identify the key decisions that led your career down the path that it has taken to date.  Importantly, you’ll uncover the rationale behind your various choices, and assess whether these measures still stand for you today, in the context of your life as a whole, your current priorities and the direction that you’re heading outside work.

You’ll address the ‘emotions’ that you associate with work now.  You’ll drill down and become clear on how you feel about your previous and current roles, where these thoughts and beliefs have come from and whether they remain valid.

You’ll identify in detail how you would ideally like to feel after a working day, and gain clarity on what matters most to you professionally – creating a clear professional values set, or ‘compass’ against which you will be able to measure the various career options in front of you.

You’ll reconsider your definition of success.

Module 2 – What are you good at?

You’ll create a detailed inventory of your skills and specific achievements, the aspects of work and outside interests that you’re proud of, and that you enjoy.

This will be valuable for your CV regardless of your future choices, and the template that you’ll create will go well beyond typical job descriptions.  It will have you digging deep about what it is that really drives you, career-wise, where your talents lie and the circumstances in which you best apply them.

Next, you’ll identify what is currently within and beyond your career ‘comfort zone’ and consider ways to break through to the next level.

Module 3 – What holds you back?

Clear your career ‘blocks’.  What has stopped you from making different decisions, since you were at school?  Were you unduly influenced by parents, peers, teachers, careers advisers, school or cultural expectations or other factors?

Did you feel pressure to tread a certain path, and why?  Were there self-imposed beliefs or obstacles that pushed you in the direction you’ve taken? Is the block money, study or self-confidence? Is it fear of failure or success? Are you living ‘your life’ – or someone else’s?

How can you move on?

Module 4 – Where does your career fit in your life?

Examine your ideal life balance. Plan your ideal week. Consider your personal and professional values and your career breaks. Make some changes instantly and plan for future re-organisation of your work-life balance.

Module 5 – What are your options?

Using a project planning strategy made famous by Walt Disney Studios, conduct a thorough ‘what if…’ evaluation designed to help you explore various alternative options creatively, realistically and critically.

Find that ‘sweet spot’ between what you’re good at, what you love doing and what you can be paid for.

Module 6 – What would change?

Assess the impact on lifestyle, family, financial and other factors against the potential of your fresh career ideas (identify pros, cons and work-arounds for each option).

Dig deeper into the most attractive career option/s, find out what you need to research, explore serious considerations including the realignment of lifestyle goals, changes in the ‘big picture’, communication with stakeholders (particularly family) and create a set of solutions.

Module 7 – Making the decision

Build the confidence and self-belief that is required to make a significant career decision – whichever way you may choose to go.  Learn the keys to problem-solving, overcoming fear of failure and ‘safe’ risk-taking.  Explore various decision-making techniques and strategies, finding one that suits your particular style.

Module 8 is divided into two sections, depending on where the course has taken you…

8A – For career-changers

Develop a detailed action plan that you’re comfortable with and inspired by, with a clear, step-by-step process for moving on – including re-training if required, making practical financial adjustments, communicating with your significant others, breaking the news at work, having a ‘bridging’ strategy, safety nets, tapping into your existing network and more…

8B – Re-committing to your current career

Having been through this process, you may have reignited your passion for the path you are currently on.  Identify areas of growth, find a mentor, shake up and tighten your working style or seek development through side projects.

Learn what you need to do to keep the passion alive.

BONUS resource bundle

  • To support your decision-making, you’ll receive BONUS recorded interviews and expert tip sheets answering key questions:
  • What financial issues must I consider during a career change? (Zuraida Arrifin Wealth Creation – Financial Planner)
  • How do I re-invent my ‘personal brand’? (Amanda Whitley – Creator and editor of HerCanberra and PR expert)
  • Am I cut out to start my own business? (Audrey Thomas, director of  the award-winning business Ajile Focus and ChickChat Coaching, Adelaide)
  • What are recruiters and employers looking for when people transition into different careers? (Kate Sykes, recruiting specialist at Lift Recruitment, Director of the award-winning jobs board Career Mums)
  • How do I commercialise my big idea? (Anna Pino, CEO of Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre)
  • What if I want to take a complete career break? (Sue Hadden, Head of Leadership, Learning and Talent, Barclay’s Wealth, New York, and author of the forthcoming book, ‘Your Career Break’)

In addition to these expert interviews, you’ll receive written interviews with inspiring people who have successfully taken the leap into a new career, and are loving it – and people who have re-invigorated their passion for the career path that they were on. They’ll share very candidly what their top fears were, how they got past these and how life is different for them now.

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