shutterstock_58942066Are you sinking a little into your own chaos?

Swamped with the small stuff – always playing catch-up? Faking it, and hoping you won’t be found out…

Perhaps you had big plans: this was going to be Your Year. You’d be fitter and happier, less in debt, more in credit. You’d be loving your work. You’d create Home Beautiful, and be the calm one, the patient one… the fun one.

The ducks wouldn’t merely line up – they’d fly. By next season, or by your birthday, or by the end of the year – so much would have changed…

You’d be carving up your life, like an expert skater carves the ice… not skimming over the surface of it, waving your arms madly, wobbling quite a lot.

You don’t want people to know this, but the truth is, you’re feeling a bit defeated.

What went wrong?

Who knows, but does it matter?

All it takes is 90 days to get your act together and reach the milestone you’ve set with the aplomb that you craved when you said ‘this year will be different…’

There’s time to finish strong, and the BEST news is, it doesn’t require a mammoth effort. It doesn’t require super-human dedication, or freaky organisational skills.

There’s a way to get your act together that makes only the smallest daily dent in ‘life as you know it.’

What if:

In 15 minutes per day, you could finally get traction across each of the key areas of your life:

  • Well-being
  • Relationships & Connections
  • Career / Business
  • Finances
  • Personal Growth
  • Physical Environment
  • Fun & Recreation

What if it wasn’t just traction. It was momentum. What if, each day, for a TINY SLIVER of your time, you made simple changes that caused a big difference in your world.

For more information about this popular program, delivered in partnership with Audrey Thomas of ChickChat coaching, click here.