7 Types cover

One of our most popular and effective seminars – the 7 Types of Busy session – sets aside external pressures and focuses on how we over-complicate our own lives.


  • Learn how certain beliefs, choices and behaviours hold us back from being as productive as we could be.
  • Discover that it’s not necessarily ‘time’ that we need to manage, but our thoughts and actions.
  • Develop increased awareness in these areas, so that it becomes possible to shift from a frantic life to a full one.

Delivering hot tips on time-management, life balance and more, this 60-minute seminar is ideal for your workplace well-being program or lunchtime series. To enquire about pricing and availability, please contact Emma.

Benefits to individuals:

Participants will be challenged to recognise stumbling blocks that cause them to be unproductive, and to replace these with behaviours and choices that result in higher productivity and lower stress. Where they may previously have felt stuck or trapped, they will learn to recognise their options and find it easier to prioritise.

Benefits to the organisation:

Individuals and teams will take greater ownership of their ‘overwhelm’ and will learn to eliminate blocks to progress that can be controlled personally. They will be empowered to recognise their own agency and take steps to better manage stress and work-life balance. They will learn new ways to sift priorities and think more clearly, resulting in stronger decisiveness, better communication, higher productivity and fewer absences through stress.

I have to tell you that this is the beginning of my 38th year teaching, and I found Emma’s address today to be the most worthwhile 45 minutes I’ve ever spent with other staff in a school. I’m only sorry that this is not compulsory for any new employee to hear as they start their working life. It would save a lot of heartache. – Lyn Pepper-Budge, Canberra Girls’ Grammar School