WorkLifeBliss provides entertaining and thought-provoking keynote addresses provides women with powerful strategies to balance the competing demands in their lives.

Published author, Emma Grey, shares anecdotes from her book, Wits’ End Before Breakfast! Confessions of a Working Mum, and provides participants with key strategies from her executive-balance programs.

The seminar offers senior women some valuable ‘time out’, an opportunity to share experiences and techniques and a suite of high-impact tools to build resilience professionally and personally.

Some feedback from previous participants:

  • ‘Last night’s workshop was brilliant. As is your book. I laughed out loud, I cried, and more importantly, I am making changes in my life today! Thank you so much for providing a yellow brick road forward.’ – Teri Jenkins (Executive Level 2, Public Sector)
  • ‘This seminar has brought together a whole lot of current issues in my work and personal life; provided clarity and new direction, as well as meaningful strategies for how I’m going to get there. I have taken new and exciting ideas away.’ – Marni Harding (Education sector)
  • ‘Listening to Emma Grey speak at a business event recently, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind this is a woman who’s got it ‘sorted’. Calm, modulated, articulate and harbouring the uncanny ability to slam you with ‘aha’ moments, I sat in a quasi-meet-the-swami mode, undulating between the fact that this is just a regular Aussie mum like me, but also an author, an entrepreneur, and someone who might just have some ‘answers. Creating a blissful work life balance is clearly something Grey has innate talent in. Not only has she developed a comprehensive and astounding insight into making life healthier and happier, the author is impassioned to share her findings with other women ’. – Tania McCartney (Author, editor, publisher)

 For more information, including pricing and availability, please contact Emma.